Courtney Butler

Eloping in the mountains

  Sometimes all two people want is to just get married. They see no need for anyone to attend, to deal with the stress that only a large wedding can bring.. they are in love and they just want to be married. These two were no exception. They drove from Alabama to a beautiful little resort in Dahlonega, Georgia called Forrest Hills Resort where I am a preferred vendor at. Witnessed only by myself and the officiant, Jeff and his beautiful bride Shelia tied the knot.  It was simple, it was beautiful and it really was quite romantic. I couldn’t help but ponder the idea for myself one day.  After the quick ceremony, we stayed around in the garden for just a bit and their yogi personalities really came out. Afterward I followed them back to their cabin where I captured Jeff carrying his new wife over the threshold in true classic fashion. 

Model Test with Grace

Sometimes you get a model in who just blows you away. I don’t know if its because I am biased towards naturally curly hair (I have it myself, after all) or the life inside their eyes. Grace was one of those girls that I just know will be headed out for big things. My prediction? Miami. I can completely see her following the footsteps of one of my all time favorite models Deanna Reynolds who moved to Miami shortly after I had the pleasure of shooting with her. 

Model: Grace

Agency: Ursula Wiedmann Models

Make Up: J Allen

Shot using natural light in my studio and modified with use of a tri-flector

Check out the proofs from Graces’ shoot! The first two images are my personal selects and full edits. 

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